Gift Card FAQ’s

Can I purchase gift cards online?

Yes, you are able to buy ProSoccer gift cards online which can be used at or any of our four retail locations. You can either have a physical gift card shipped to you
or another person or you can purchase an electronic gift card available for immediate use.


Where Can I use my ProSoccer Soccer gift card?

Whether purchased online or in-store, your ProSoccer gift card can be used online or at our Pasadena retail location.


How long is a ProSoccer gift card valid?

ProSoccer gift cards never expire, you can use it anytime at or at our Pasadena retail location.


Where do I find my gift card number?

Your card number is located on the back of your card at the bottom next to "Card #". The number listed next to "Pin #" is not needed to check your balance or redeem your card.


How do I check my gift card balance?

Your gift card balance is available from several areas on the site, from your account tab if you are logged in to your account, at the bottom of every page, or from our Gift Cards page.


Can I return a ProSoccer Gift Card?

ProSoccer cards may not be returned or cancelled after purchase. If you return product originally purchased with the gift card, any refund will be returned to the original gift card or issued on a new gift card if necessary. If you return a product originally purchased with multiple gift cards, the total dollar value will be returned to the most-recent purchased gift card or issued on a new gift card if necessary.


If I lost my gift card can you issue a new one?

Gift cards will not be replaced if lost or stolen without proper proof of purchase. Treat them like cash. In the event that a card purchase and number can be verified, the balance can be transferred to a new card and the original card will be cancelled.