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Who We Are



Pro Soccer has established itself as a household name, delivering high performance soccer gear to take your game to the pro level. We are committed to our dedicated shoppers who have a passion for a gravity defining volley, the perfect through pass, the impossible nutmeg, and the awe inspiring Chilena. From youth to professional players, to those causally browsing the soccer channel, and to the die hard fanatics visiting the local pubs, we are here to deliver all of your soccer needs.

Founded in 1991 by the passionate fanatic and former professional player Mike Tatikian, Pro Soccer is a proudly run family business. We take great pride in being globally recognized as one of the very few authorized premiere soccer retailers and online dealers. Through our exclusive relationships with the best globally recognized brands, we provide elite quality products such as footwear, apparel, equipment, authentic and official licensed jerseys at exceptionally low prices. With decades experience and relationship building, we have earned the trust, and thus reputation, as the go to business of top clubs, high schools, and teams in the Southwest. Always employed and maintained by soccer pros, we continue to provide expertise on our products through the love and knowledge we share for the game.



Soccer is a universal language. The most beautiful element of the game is its ability to bring together people from all corners of the world by breaking barriers of race, class, and gender. We are happy to be a part of this unifying global movement.


Soccer helps bridge cultural divides. It creates character, commitment, and a higher sense of self-awareness. Working together with organizations that create opportunities for communities and impoverished children, we like to help play a role in providing an equal opportunity to learn the skills of this great sport while overcoming adversity.

A Aspire

We want everyone to have the strength and confidence to be the best version of themselves. There’s no such thing as limits, but one always needs the tools and resources to reach their full potential. We hope to be your teammate in achieving your success.

L Loyalty

We see our customers as our teammates, and like all good teams, the bond between teammates is strongly essential. Loyalty is a key component, and always know that we are as loyal to you as you are to your favorite teams and players.



Thank you for coming along on the ride!

Tony Tatikian